Ocarina of Time for the first time is like sex for the first time

by ~hellfire~

” How do you have a pure experience with something that has already been christened by history? Over a decade of hype and expectation has poisoned the well; if this game isn’t perfect, stunning, a mind-explosion of undefinable euphoria, I will be disappointed. In this way, playing Miyamoto’s masterpiece, over a decade later, is a lot like having sex for the first time. ”

Alright. This brings to mind that some of my most cherished games were not for me “christened by history”. Escape Velocity, X-Wing, DX:IW, Morrowind, Prince of Persia; I didn’t know much about these games before I played them. Escape Velocity started as a shareware game from a free demo disk. X-Wing is actually where my memory begins.  As far as my consciousness is concerned I didn’t exist before I flew an X-Wing around lumpy Imperial freighters.  Prince of Persia was just there, always: probably installed on the Mac by Dad. A friend in middle school had Morrowind, which prompted me to get it. DX:IW was bought last winter on a whim.

Sure, all of these games now have status as “greats” (except for DX:IW). But those notions never tarnished my play experiences.

I love them all for different reasons: excitement, story, family connections, sentimentality (actually, sentimentality opens a whole new can of worms). A lot of these reasons are interconnected. The point is, I’m not sure if I would love them as much if I experienced them through the filter of game hype and criticism.

Then again, Halo.