Why do videogame theory?

by ~hellfire~

So I was reading a bunch of blogs and got miffed seeing all the different ideas.

Now I’m thinking about the value of game theory.  This is probably important as I get further along in this project. What do I hope to get from finding out how to think about games?

When I play or critique a game I want to be able to articulate what it is. I want to make compelling meanings out of a game, ones that I can understand and express. I also want to be able to articulate how to make more meaningful games. And the knowledge that comes with game studies has its own rewards: to dig my hands into a game and know its parts by touch would feel good.

In Unit Operations, Ian Bogost writes that a lot of theories “focus on making sense of the gameplay experience, rather than giving expression to that experience through criticism.” (103) I guess I sort of want both?